May 2014
New ICP002 Carry Pack

Improved health and safety 

No more bending to pick up heavy cases! This new lightweight packaging design is much more durable than a box.

Completely recyclable plastic
As soon as the ICP002 carry pack is empty, the packaging can be recycled or re-used as refuse bags by the end user.

Clear and consistent brand labelling
The product details are clearly presented on all sides of the packaging, using the standard Esfina brand and colours.

Easy to transport, stack and store
The compact lightweight packaging design makes the ICP002 easier to transport and store than a regular box, and the carry handle means that it can be hung from cleaning trolleys.

Exceptional quality interfold hand towels
Each carry pack contains 21 sleeves of highly absorbent, self presenting, quality, 2 ply white interfold hand towels with 144 towels per sleeve.

Nordic Swan certified product
Our product is Nordic Swan certified which is the highest environmental certificate available, this guarantees the lowest impact on the environment.