Brands -

To compliment our range of paper, we offer a wide range of Paper Dispensers.

In most cases we are able to offer Plastic or Metal.

Twin Micro Jumbo Dispenser ESR200
Twin Coreless Dispenser ESR200C
Quad Coreless Toilet Roll Dispenser ESR400C
Autocut Hand Towel Dispenser ESR100
8" White Mini Jumbo Dispenser DP006
10" White Maxi Jumbo Dispenser DP005
12" White Maxi Jumbo Dispenser DP004
White Metal 10” Mini Jumbo Dispenser DM006
White Metal 14” Maxi Jumbo Dispenser DM004
Large White Bulk Pack/Multiflat Dispenser DP003
White Metal Toilet Roll Dispenser DM012
White Mini Centrefeed Dispenser DP008
White Standard Centrefeed Dispenser DP007
Black Metal Floorstand Roll Dispenser DM015
White Metal 10" Hygiene Roll Dispenser DM008
White Metal 20" Hygiene Roll Dispenser DM009
White Hand Towel Dispenser DP001