A premium range of non-woven wipers. High quality, entangled fibers deliver long lasting and durable performance versus paper. Highly absorbent, with a wide range of heavy duty applications and more specialised wiping tasks.

  • TufWipe


    A range designed to meet the needs of the most demanding working environments. A heavy duty, high performance, multi-use wiper that is extremely strong and durable helping to reduce costs and waste.

    The TufWipe® is suitable for almost every wiping task, it offers exceptional strength making it perfect for manufacturing machinery. There are no binders or glue in this wiper, plus it's low lint features make it great for aviation, automotive and precision wiping tasks.

    White Roll
    White Boxed Folded
    Blue Roll
    Blue Boxed Folded
    Turquoise Roll
  • ResourceRag


    Specifically developed to be a viable alternative to white wiping rags, the ResourceRag is clean, fresh and made to a consistent monster size giving the user a ‘real handful’ for any wiping application.

    The hydro-entangling manufacturing process gives this wiper exceptional strength, making it excellent for working on machinery. The wiper offers a smooth side and a textured side which is engineered not to snag, making it perfect for picking up particles.

    White Boxed Roll
    White Boxed (Aperture)
  • PolishWipe


    The Polishwipe is a super soft and absorbent wiper. Its low lint feature makes this an excellent polishing wipe.

    It’s low lint and ultra soft features make this brilliant at polishing metal and glass as well as picking up tiny particles.

    White Boxed Roll